Volume 44, Issue 26


Volume 44, Issue 26

News & Culture

Walking, drinking, poking, and BARFing -- tips, tricks, tales (and cocktails) for your best friend. Plus: local pet stores we love

Guardian Staff Writers
Cover Story

Volume 44, Issue 26

News & Culture

What's really wrong with talk radio isn't the imbalance between right and left - it's local vs. national, live vs. syndicated

The pot initiative's going to pass in November

Tim Redmond

If the mayor and his handpicked PUC director, Ed Harrington, and his handpicked commissioners dawdle and delay, they'll be giving a corrupt private utility exactly what it wants

Guardian Staff Writers

Volume 44, Issue 26

Food & Drink

Pink tennis shoes, imaginary pastry wars, and El Buen Sabor

L.E. Leone

An array of intriguing small plates from around the world -- but the riff is match, not mix

Paul Reidinger

Volume 44, Issue 26

Arts & Culture

In the midst of controversy, Messy Marv revamps his company -- and himself.

Garrett Caples

Stay Gold dance party celebrates its fourth

Amber Schadewald

James Williamson's trek from Stooge to tech to Stooge again

Kimberly Chun

Dan Carbone reclaims the Dark Room's late-night stage with wild fits of storytelling and subconscious reverie

Robert Avila

Actor Ed Gale journeys from Howard the Duck to WonderCon

Sean McCourt