Volume 44, Issue 30


Volume 44, Issue 30

News & Culture

Guardian Staff Writers
Guardian Staff Writers

Paul Addis, fresh from a prison stint for attacking Burning Man's icon, returns to a San Francisco stage

Steven T. Jones

When the real estate bubble burst, tenants saw their jobs disappear and incomes drop - but rents remained at record high levels

Ted Gullicksen

Mayor Newsom wants to be sure the lowest-paid folks get their share of the hurt

Tim Redmond

If San Francisco wants to present a solid legal case that its CCA is already in business, the contract with Powerchoice needs to be completed and signed, now

Guardian Staff Writers

Volume 44, Issue 30

Food & Drink

Plus, pasta pennings from San Francisco's past

Caitlin Donohue
Food & Drink

A sleek sushi joint boasting striking combinations and an early adopter fanbase

Paul Reidinger
Food & Drink

Weathering a "soccer jaw" -- and diving into duck flautas at Chilango

L.E. Leone

Volume 44, Issue 30

Arts & Culture

Sandra Bernhard goes off wonderfully. Plus: Queensday, Devotion, and a goth-industrial bacchanal

Marke B.

New ways of seeing and the presence of Morris Graves

Matt Sussman

John Carpenter-directed biopic Elvis resurfaces

Ben Terrall

Thrillpeddlers takes its revivalism seriously, in Spandex

Nicole Gluckstern

A car collision sparks a relationship in the uneven An Accident

Robert Avila

Growing tries on new sounds and stumbles to the dance floor

Kimberly Chun

In Dame Hooker's DVD doc Land of the Homicide, commentators become victims of the violence they describe

Garrett Caples

B.o.B and an era of hip-hop that's pop, pop, and more pop

Mosi Reeves

The wit and wisdom — and sweet and scary melodies — of Baby Dee

Johnny Ray Huston

Propaganda meets parody in The Juche Idea