Volume 44, Issue 39


Volume 44, Issue 39

News & Culture

The voters are furious -- but are they madder at government or big business? That question could define the next political era

Steven T. Jones, Tim Redmond
Cover Story

Volume 44, Issue 39

News & Culture

Lennar Corp. is proposing to build 10,500 new homes in southeast San Francisco, mostly on publicly-owned land. Will the Board of Supervisors stand up to its juggernaut?

Sarah Phelan

The mayor is cutting essential services instead of looking for progressive ways to bring in new revenue

Guardian Staff Writers

There's a fine line between an effective political coalition and a political machine

Tim Redmond

Fiscal solidarity means we recognize that an injury to one is an injury to all


Volume 44, Issue 39

Food & Drink

The latest in seasonal drink menus and pop-up bars 

Virginia Miller
Food & Drink

Reinvigorating Italian tradition in SoMa (by way of Tuscany and Piemonte) with dishes old and new

Paul Reidinger
Food & Drink

Drool-soaked soccer-watching shirts, Argentineans, and choo-choo trains

L.E. Leone

Volume 44, Issue 39

Arts & Culture

Author Kevin Starr sings the praises of the Golden Gate Bridge

Johnny Ray Huston

High-brow meets joystick in author Tom Bissell's Extra Lives: Why Video Games Matter

Ben Richardson

Helen Mirren rules in Love Ranch

Louis Peitzman

Steal this art education with the Pickpocket Almanack

Spencer Young

Farewell, Sweet Lips! Plus: Singular Sensation, Dam Funk, Marques Wyatt, Janaka Selekta, and more nightlife

Marke B.

Recession-era rock goes back-to-the-backwoods or rises from the rusty dust

Kimberly Chun

Hairy Eyeball: Static and strange solace in "Occupy the Empty" and "3+3"

Matt Sussman

Everyone Else thunders with a relationship's troubled interior

Max Goldberg

Sequins, juggling, and big red noses: Circus Bella's show must go on

Caitlin Donohue