Volume 44, Issue 48


Volume 44, Issue 48

News & Culture

Why would anyone spend four months and $180,000 building something that will only last a week? The answer says a lot about Burning Man culture

Steven T. Jones
Cover Story

Volume 44, Issue 48

News & Culture

Haight Street merchants are by no means united in support of sit-lie

Rebecca Bowe

The economic policies of the past decade are even screwing rich people

Tim Redmond

The backroom anti-Brodkin campaign has to stop

Guardian Editorial

The demise of our once great union has implications far beyond our locals in California

Elaine Monney, Jessica Garcia

Volume 44, Issue 48

Food & Drink

3 books to up your cocktail-making game or historical knowledge

Virginia Miller
Food & Drink

Castro with two zz's: Curry Boyzz may not up the gayborhood's culinary profile, but its "Indian-Pak" offerings at least lend some much-needed flavor

Paul Reidinger
Food & Drink

You can't drown your sorrows with a sandwich from the Strawberry Gourmet Deli

L.E. Leone

Volume 44, Issue 48

Arts & Culture

The gangster lifestyle ain't always shits and giggles in Mafia II

Peter Galvin

Alexis Georgopoulos has an SF homecoming at the On Land Festival

Johnny Ray Huston

Hairy Eyeball: A lesser-known filmic Jason lives in black-and-white in Tim Roseborough's Portrait of Jason II: Return of the B*tch, while Sean McFarland's new show refracts California color and, at the Contemporary Jewish Museum, "Black Sabbath" spotlights black artists' relationship to Jewish music

Matt Sussman

The Tillman Story traces a family's urgent search for the truth

Dennis Harvey

Greek import Dogtooth's freaky family values

Cheryl Eddy

Checking out the nightlife scene across the border. Plus: Motor City Drum Ensemble, Gemini Disco Farewell, Le Perle Degli Squallor, Labor of Love, and more

Marke B.
Andrea Nemerson
Arts & Culture

To trust or not to trust in Thizz City — the dilemma of SF rap

Garrett Caples