Volume 45, Issue 16


Volume 45, Issue 16

News & Culture

It's class warfare, declared by the Newsom administration — and Lee, who got his start as a poverty lawyer, doesn't have to tolerate it

Guardian Editorial

In most states, local property taxes support local schools. In California, Proposition 13 forced the state to take on that responsibility

Tim Redmond

What will the governor's plans to abolish redevelopment agencies mean for SF?

Sarah Phelan

"Little did I realize that being treated with dignity by our government was no longer in the cards"

Guest Opinion

What Mayor Lee and a new board mean for the city

Steven T. Jones, Rebecca Bowe, Tim Redmond, Sarah Phelan

Volume 45, Issue 16

Food & Drink

A preview of new German and Austrian restaurants

Virginia Miller
Food & Drink

The top 10 tastes from the Fancy Food show at the Moscone Center this past weekend

Virginia Miller
Food & Drink

"Sweet Freedom" -- and Bi-Rite Market

L.E. Leone

From Honduran baliadas to bergamot ice cream: sticking a fork in Dogpatch and Bayview

Caitlin Donohue
Food & Drink

Striking a balance between flair and rusticity with a striking interior and comforting dishes

Paul Reidinger

Volume 45, Issue 16

Arts & Culture

A one-off "queer marathon" turns into a second annual 10-hour event

Robert Avila

Lost in temptation: "Love Kittens" offers four slices of vintage cheesecake

Dennis Harvey