Volume 45, Issue 20


Volume 45, Issue 20

News & Culture

Environmentalism in mind, Chiu proposes a ban on unsolicited Yellow Pages

Carly Nairn

Parkmerced redesign wins narrow Planning Commission approval

Rebecca Bowe

Over time, the tax break could cost San Francisco millions of dollars as the city struggles to close a $350 million deficit

Guest Opinion

San Francisco is the only major city in the United States that contracts out solid waste collection to a private company

Guardian Editorial

San Francisco has cut hundreds of millions in city spending -- but we haven't asked the rich to give up anything

Tim Redmond

Activists use protests and a lawsuit to push for better regulation of live poultry sales

Heather Mack

Volume 45, Issue 20

Food & Drink

Exploring the farm and winery at Long Meadow Ranch, St. Helena

Virginia Miller
Food & Drink

Valencia Street may be jumping the restaurant shark, but this upscale greasy spoon rides the wave deliciously

Paul Reidinger

Memories of chicken tikka masala at Hamro Aangan -- and witnessing the birth of jazz

L.E. Leone

Volume 45, Issue 20

Arts & Culture

Sharp and entertaining, Collapse pulls back from the brink of subversion

Robert Avila
Nicole Gluckstern

Marcel L'Herbier's 1924 film L'Inhumaine is a remarkable time capsule of avant-garde trends

Dennis Harvey