Volume 45, Issue 22


Volume 45, Issue 22

News & Culture

Mayoral candidate wants to demonstrate that a new consensus is possible

Steven T. Jones

The candidates, particularly those who want progressive and neighborhood support, need to start taking positions

Guardian Editorial

But somehow, it's all your fault. You are the ones bleeding the resort dry.

Tim Redmond

Dumping 3,500 patients into a public health system that has been cut to the bone over the last few years would be a disaster in San Francisco.

Gabriel Haaland

Mental health advocates worry that Tasers could undermine SFPD's de-escalation training

Rebecca Bowe

Thousands of hard-working immigrants are getting deported every month. But unregulated private companies are offering a deal: for $500,000, you can get a green card.

Asaf Shalev

Volume 45, Issue 22

Food & Drink

Virginia Miller
Food & Drink

Our correspondent lies resplendent in New Orleans; Earl Butter visits Pad Thai

L.E. Leone

The 13-year-old Hayes Valley brasserie rides high on classic touches and contemporary quality, without the usual coldness

Paul Reidinger
Food & Drink

Volume 45, Issue 22

Arts & Culture

Queer monthly outdoor party Hard French returns with vinyl sunshine

Jackie Andrews

With The Unsayable, Hope Mohr and veterans make dance from the experience of war

Julie Potter

SUPER EGO: Mardi Gras parties a-plenty this year. Plus: Miss Toolbox Pageant, Le Castle Vania, and New Wave City's last night at DNA Lounge

Marke B.

HAIRY EYEBALL: Trevor Paglen photographs the invisible, and Deva Graf sculpts contemplation

Matt Sussman

Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives, Apichatpong Weerasethakul's shape-shifting Palme d'Or winner, arrives

Max Goldberg

Some second thoughts on bisexual advice

Andrea Nemerson
Arts & Culture

An under-the-radar Bay Area team makes moves toward the NCAA tournament. Plus: A college men's basketball roundup

Greg Sullivan
Arts & Culture

New drinking game Stump hits the Bay Area: watch for blood

Marianne Moore
Arts & Culture

When We Leave's abused wife is torn between family and self-preservation

Dennis Harvey

"I didn't want to write a love letter": Steven T. Jones talks about his new book on Burning Man

Caitlin Donohue