Volume 45, Issue 25


Volume 45, Issue 25

News & Culture

Rabbi Michael Lerner still courts controversy as he celebrates his magazine's silver anniversary

Asaf Shalev

Taxing the rich never seems to be on the table

Tim Redmond

The nuclear power plant is built on unstable ground and continues to generate, and accumulate, highly radioactive waste

Guardian Editorial

Lawsuit alleges former attorney bilked desperate clients who faced deportation


Customers, consultant, and consumer groups fault PG&E for ignoring growing concerns

Heather Mack

The National Priorities Project puts the current cumulative cost of the Afghan war to California taxpayers at $48.5 billion

Tom Gallagher

Volume 45, Issue 25

Food & Drink

Virginia Miller
Food & Drink

Iridium flares, Chicago Bears -- and Great American BBQ

L.E. Leone

Nuevo Latino cuisine in the Mission that hints at the city's rich past

Paul Reidinger

Volume 45, Issue 25

Arts & Culture

Dirty Beaches and Hunx and his Punx hold a séance for the lost spirits of pop past

Johnny Ray Huston

Schick Machine hits the right notes, while Lady Grey is upstaged

Robert Avila

Jose Mojica Marins' infamous Brazilian cult horror films gain new life

Dennis Harvey