Volume 45, Issue 29


Volume 45, Issue 29

News & Culture

The Eagle isn't really as much a bar as it is an oddball equivalent of the old school public house

Victor Krummenacher

Electronic Frontier Foundation calls on major Internet companies to protect user privacy

Rebecca Bowe

The labor movement scores a win for the city

Tim Redmond

No-bid contracts are a no-win situation for the city

Guardian Editorial

Last-minute talks could save SF queer institution

Emily Appelbaum

The candidate has nothing to say about corruption

Quentin L. Kopp

Unions and progressive groups organize and protest to push for economic justice

Jean Tepperman

Volume 45, Issue 29

Food & Drink

The Wilson's snob-lite cocktail wins over a new convert

Virginia Miller
Food & Drink

A brief but distinctive menu of drippy share plates spurs diners to SoMa.

Paul Reidinger

Crawfish pieroghis and satsuma-flavored snow-blizzes

L.E. Leone

Volume 45, Issue 29

Arts & Culture

Sibling revelry, the Zellner Bros. way

Dennis Harvey

A weird future awaits in End of Animal and other Kafka-inspired films

Matt Sussman

The Selling takes a high-spirited look at real estate

Cheryl Eddy

New Skin for the Old Ceremony is reimagined with short films

Kimberly Chun

The Guardian staff's short takes on the San Francisco International Film Fest's must-sees

Guardian Staff Writers

Amara Tabor-Smith brings Our Daily Bread to CounterPULSE

Rita Felciano

Twenty years of Full Moon madness with the Wicked party crew

Marke B.
Arts & Culture

Punching in with a few SFIFF films set in the workplace

Max Goldberg