Volume 45, Issue 30


Volume 45, Issue 30

News & Culture

Legislation regarding a crucial project to house low-income youth is on its way

Julian Davis, Patricia Scott

Guardian muckraker leaves San Francisco with a helluva story

Bruce Brugmann

Final lawsuit challenging Hunters Point redevelopment project awaits a judge's ruling

Heather Mack

Assessing the mayoral candidates -- the squishy center and all 

Tim Redmond

19,000 new residents minus a plan for transportation equals a problem

Guardian Staff Writers

A secret memo indicates that SF cops may be working as FBI spies — with no local oversight

Sarah Phelan

Volume 45, Issue 30

Food & Drink

Unprecedentedly monumental victories at Red Café

L.E. Leone

Volume 45, Issue 30

Arts & Culture

Bite me: bloodsuckers menace what's left of the human race in Stake Land

Cheryl Eddy

Geoff Hoyle's Geezer lives!

Robert Avila

More than one take on the words and visions of Rebecca Solnit's award-winning Infinite City

Guardian Staff Writers

A too-little-known filmmaker breaks through with Black Bread

Dennis Harvey

Short takes on week two of SF Internation Film Festival

Guardian Staff Writers

Lucinda Childs' conceptual classic Dance returns to the Bay Area

Rita Felciano

Matthew Zapruder's poems are built to last

Garrett Caples

alt.sex.column says so long -- and thanks for all the fish

Andrea Nemerson
Arts & Culture

Bill Orcutt gives some noise to the city on A New Way to Pay Old Debts

Kimberly Chun