Volume 45, Issue 38


Volume 45, Issue 38

News & Culture

Ride over the rainbow with Kreayshawn, Roaddawgs, Susie Bright, the annual Hot Pink List and our mega-guide to hot Pride action. 

Cover Story

Volume 45, Issue 38

News & Culture

Low-wage University of California workers live in poverty while top executives get big bonuses

Maggie Beidelman

The unified San Francisco queer movement is history

Tommi Avicolli Mecca

Gay youth aren't over the rainbow yet

Marke B.

Nat Ford's dismissal raises issues beyond the $384,000 of taxpayer money

Guardian Editorial

SFPD's expensive war on small-time druggies

Rebecca Bowe

A 40-year retrospective highlights the Bay Area Reporter's heroic AIDS coverage

Oscar Raymundo

Volume 45, Issue 38

Food & Drink

Technicolored marinades on a Peruvian-powered, pan-Latino menu 

Paul Reidinger

If you can't remember brunch the first time, you could do worse than Sunny Side Cafe

L.E. Leone

Volume 45, Issue 38

Arts & Culture

Second annual This Is What I Want plumbs the nature of desire

Robert Avila

QUEER ISSUE: Oakland rap phenom Kreayshawn reps a casual Bay sexuality

Amber Schadewald

Cat Perez's Lesbians in San Francisco blog captures queer hotness

Amber Schadewald
Arts & Culture

Dyke porn pioneer Susie Bright opens up with Big Sex Little Death

Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore