Volume 45, Issue 51


Volume 45, Issue 51

News & Culture

Kink feminism, Bawdy Storytelling, an SF smut map, Folsom Street Fair happenings -- and the hottest ass in San Francisco.  

Cover Story

Volume 45, Issue 51

News & Culture

Our perspective on the week's most notable San Francisco news

Safeway's decision to move condoms into locked cabinets worries public health advocates

Oona Robertson

How the breakdown in sunshine enforcement leads officials to destroy public documents and defy unwelcome inquiries

Claire Mullen

An SEIU 1021 political organizer explains his union's ranked choices

Gabriel Haaland

Is Obama's tax on the rich too little, too late?

Tim Redmond

Banks bill the city for $115 million to foreclose on its residents

Guardian Editorial

Volume 45, Issue 51

Food & Drink

Singing the Baby Blues BBQ

L.E. Leone

Food writer Paul Reidinger bids farewell after more than a decade covering the San Francisco food scene

Paul Reidinger

Volume 45, Issue 51

Arts & Culture

SEX AND NIGHTLIFE: It's a good ol' SF WTF freakend with Folsom Street Fair's Deviants, Lovevolution, Earthdance, Show Me Where It Hurts, Temptation, and Sisters of the Moon

Marke B.

SEX ISSUE: The winner of our Bay Buns 2011 contest

Arts & Culture

SEX ISSUE: A peep at our fair city's filthy-gorgeous history

Michael Stabile
Arts & Culture

SEX ISSUE: A steamy tale of SF sex from Bawdy Storytelling

Arts & Culture

The return of Mark Morris' remarkable Dido and Aeneas

Rita Felciano

In praise of Raúl Ruiz's elaborate Mysteries of Lisbon

Max Goldberg

Gus Van Sant's Restless delivers cute overload

Dennis Harvey

Welcome back, emo kid

Jen Verzosa

SEX ISSUE: The mastermind behind Kink.com's "Wired Pussy" and "Public Disgrace" sites finds power in perversion

Caitlin Donohue
Arts & Culture

Herbwise: In the Bay, every night is reggae night

Caitlin Donohue
Arts & Culture