Volume 46, Issue 02


Volume 46, Issue 02

News & Culture

After nearly 30 years at the Guardian, Tim Redmond reflects on Willie's World

Tim Redmond

Mayor, chief agreed to seize Occupy SF protest gear

Steven T. Jones

Kicking people out of their homes is costing the city $42 million 

Phil Ting

Lee lets businesses raid health funds, restaurants back Chiu, and Ellison offers a sneak-peek to America's Cup labor standards

Guardian Staff Writers

With its general assemblies, People's Mic, and chants of 'We are the 99 percent,' OccupySF gains momentum despite a police crackdown

Yael Chanoff

Dispensaries around the state draw heat, from tax scares to seizure threats

Steven T. Jones

Focusing the message will make the difference in next year's elections

Guardian Editorial

Leninists? Hardly -- Occupy Wall Street protesters are all about consensus

Tim Redmond

Volume 46, Issue 02

Food & Drink

You-versus-pho challenges, sizzling hot chocolate: find your rainy day adventure at these bars and restaurants

Guardian Staff Writers

Piling on the pierogis at Giordano Brothers

L.E. Leone

Eel ssam, bibimbap, and hefty beers -- new spots for Seoul food abound. Appetite columnist Virginia Miller takes us on a tour of the best

Virginia Miller

Volume 46, Issue 02

Arts & Culture

All aboard for San Francisco Trolley Dances 2011

Rita Felciano

The Bad Seed legacy gets multi-generational with 1995's Mommy 

Dennis Harvey

Dark Porch Theatre explores familial foreignness in Tutor

Robert Avila

From Angolan kuduro and gauzy psychedelia to local garage punk and silent disco: It'll be a packed weekend of Treasure Island Music Festival's chords and beats

Marke B., Emily Savage

Gardens & Villa navigates the road often traveled

Emily Savage

Genre-defying local act Extra Classic plays retro-grooves on its new LP

Jen Verzosa

What new books by Chicken John and Reverend Billy have to say to the young occupiers in our streets

Steven T. Jones

The SF Arts Commission's "SHIFT" asks America to put aside its discomfort and talk about race

Matt Sussman

Gamers, rappers, heroes, and more at SF's quirkiest festival

Cheryl Eddy