Volume 46, Issue 05


Volume 46, Issue 05

News & Culture

Avalos for mayor, Mirkarimi for sheriff: Our voter printout guide to take to the polls on Nov. 8

Cover Story

Volume 46, Issue 05

News & Culture

The incumbent is falling fast in the polls, and it's actually possible for Avalos to win

Tim Redmond

How a 17th century British rebel became the symbol of resistance to American empire

Steven T. Jones

The news you need to know this week: Herrera takes some flak, but pushes right back, while property interests reveal their support for Prop. E

Guardian Staff Writers

Your voting slate can keep the machine out of the mayor's office

Aaron Peskin

They're the poliltical heroes of 2011 -- the city needs to give them the respect that's due

Guardian Editorial

Camping really can cause change

Tim Redmond

Volume 46, Issue 05

Food & Drink

Tasty new wine bars, contemplating Grand Cru at To Kalon, and a lively new book about vino

Virginia Miller

Changing lanes -- and zooming toward sustainable sushi at Tataki South

L.E. Leone

Volume 46, Issue 05

Arts & Culture

The International Body Music Festival feels the beat from Oakland, Greece, the Canary Islands, and beyond

Rita Felciano

The unorthodox visions of "Not Necessarily Noir"

Max Goldberg

Geof Oppenheimer's politically charged new show at Ratio 3 juxtaposes polyphony with cacophany

Matt Sussman

The exquisite pain and rebirth of freak folkers Little Teeth

Jen Verzosa

Local witch house label Tundra Dubs embraces the hexed sound of now. Plus: Paco Osuna, Braza! with DJ Nu-Mark, Eagle in Exile, and more parties

Marke B.

3rd I's festival goes to Bollywood — and beyond

Cheryl Eddy

The many sides of up-and-coming virtuoso Jhameel

Emily Savage

Water Borders draw out the inherit creep of vintage film

Emily Savage

Dutch performance-maker Robert Steijn debuts in the Bay Area

Robert Avila

Battlefield 3 offers an immersive multiplayer war experience. Shame about the story mission, though.

Peter Galvin