Volume 46, Issue 06


Volume 46, Issue 06

News & Culture

Presenting the 23rd Annual Guardian Outstanding Local Discovery Awards, our tribute to the vibrant local arts scene

Cover Story

Volume 46, Issue 06

News & Culture

Environmentalists revive campaign to stop the clearcutting of forests in California

Lisa Carmack

Student and faculty groups take to the streets, adding to the Occupy movement

Steven T. Jones

Cities, activists, and animal lovers push for less toxic ways to control rodents

Gary Hanauer

Suddenly, low-income tenants could lose homes over water, garbage fees

Rebecca Bowe

La Raza Centro Legal fights to address the issues raised by Occupy, and it needs support

Guest Opinion

Occupy Oakland doesn't need broken windows to get its message across

Tim Redmond

If we can't muster a death penalty ban on moral grounds, what about economic ones?

Guardian Editorial

Volume 46, Issue 06

Food & Drink

Breaking it gently at Montclair Egg Shop

L.E. Leone

Four standout meals: Aziza, Prime Dip Sandwiches, Grill House Mediterranean, and the Haven preview dinner at Plum

Virginia Miller

Volume 46, Issue 06

Arts & Culture

Arctic charred with Koze, Yelle, Falty DL, Tiago, Prosumer, and more nightlife warmers

Marke B.

When she talks film her whole face lights up, a beatific glow.

Nicole Gluckstern

"Of course, when I got here, the first place I went to was City Lights."

Garrett Caples

Offering photographic retorts to hoary stereotypes

Matt Sussman

A keen appreciation for the interrelation between fine-grained detail and expansive volumes

Max Goldberg

"We didn't even have a band, but we had the name."

Emily Savage

Dance as "a sense of looseness and abstraction"

Rita Felciano

A glossy realism that foregrounds physicality and sensuality

Matt Sussman

More than 100 applicants this year, from as far away as Kenya and Uganda

Rita Felciano

"The room — you're in it. You're aliiiive!"

Robert Avila