Volume 46, Issue 08


Volume 46, Issue 08

News & Culture

A mechanic, a nurse, a leukemia patient, a cat owner, and a pair of queer activists: Don't believe the hype, they are occupiers too

Rebecca Bowe, Caitlin Donohue, Yael Chanoff
Cover Story

Volume 46, Issue 08

News & Culture

The mayoral candidate demonstrated what can be accomplished with a new kind of progressive leadership

The 8 Washington plan would build apartments for the $450,000 salary set

Guardian Editorial

Volume 46, Issue 08

Food & Drink

Cinema-related panic is nothing a bowl of spicy ramen can't fix

L.E. Leone

Spice-dusted doughnuts, scramble platters, and Irish bacon break your fast in style

Virginia Miller
Food & Drink

Volume 46, Issue 08

Arts & Culture

Honoring the versatile John Korty's 50-year career

Dennis Harvey

Cherie Lily, Al Lover, Ritual Dubstep, Indie Cent -- who will receive your thanks this holiday weekend?

Marke B.

Local companies score with non-traditional staging

Rita Felciano

A Jewish record store is coming to the Mission — briefly

Emily Savage