Volume 46, Issue 13


Volume 46, Issue 13

News & Culture

City officials and small businesses seek more studies and controls on formula retailers

Christine Deakers

City begins to rectify chronic problems with overflowing sewers after settling a lawsuit

Nena Farrell, Yael Chanoff

The mainstream press is always on the wrong side of history

Boots Riley

Warren Hellman played a unique role in San Francisco and left a void that needs to be filled

Steven T. Jones

Candlestick Park blackout tells us a lot about the power company's commitment to the city

Guardian Editorial

Tim Redmond's New Year resolutions for the Occupiers, fellow dog walkers, the Obama Administration, etc. 

Tim Redmond

The revolution will not be powered by smartphones (but these apps might help it along)

Rebecca Bowe

Volume 46, Issue 13

Food & Drink

Five-fer tacos and waiterperson waffles at Reaction

L.E. Leone

From Sonoma duck ragout to creamy chestnut soup; culinary cheer for the chills

Virginia Miller

Volume 46, Issue 13

Arts & Culture

Medical cannabis backers propose a statewide regulatory body -- that'll make the feds happy, right?

Caitlin Donohue
Arts & Culture

YEAR IN FILM: Parsing the po-mo rom-com

Lynn Rapoport

YEAR IN FILM: Captain America: The First Avenger wins 2011's battle of the superhero movies

Sam Stander

YEAR IN FILM: Contemplating the filmmaker as teacher

Max Goldberg

YEAR IN FILM: In praise of the actors who redefined "sex symbol" in 2011

Kimberly Chun

YEAR IN FILM: Guardian movie critics unveil their favorite flicks from the year that was

Guardian Staff Writers

New Year's Eve blowouts (and New Year's Day backups) to get you properly toasted

Marke B., Caitlin Donohue, Emily Savage

YEAR IN FILM: Cheryl Eddy assesses 2011's cinematic contributions and wonders if the apocalypse isn't already upon us

Cheryl Eddy