Volume 46, Issue 16


Volume 46, Issue 16

News & Culture

Top political leaders defend high-speed rail from right-wing attacks

Steven T. Jones

As libraries close and tuition soars, a California university sets its sights on... China?

Mainstream media's got a funny sense of what objectivity means

Tim Redmond

Let's take back the country — starting now, by planning a tour to occupy the country

Steven T. Jones, Tim Redmond, Yael Chanoff

Volume 46, Issue 16

Food & Drink

3 fantastic new thrifty dining options: Chubby Noodle, Roostertail, Galette 88

Virginia Miller

Riding the leftover-go-round at Oakland's Ly Luck

L.E. Leone

Volume 46, Issue 16

Arts & Culture

Where KUSF stands now, exactly 12 months after the shutdown

Andre Torrez

Navigating an art movement — and a local gallery's history — in "Surrealism: New Worlds"

Garrett Caples

Wim Wenders' stunning Pina pays tribute to acclaimed choreographer Bausch

Rita Felciano

SF Sketchfest wrings wet, hot laughs out of winter

Louis Peitzman

Wax those handlebars: the massive Edwardian Ball returns. Plus: DJ Toph One benefits, Laurent Garnier, the Queen is Dead, more parties

Marke B.

Noir City X raises a glass to cinematic bad girls

Matt Sussman

Well-crafted A Separation examines a modern Iranian marriage

Dennis Harvey

A dose of American Realness amid the NYC festival season

Robert Avila

East Bay collective Kings of Destruction gets into graffiti, hip-hop, and medical marijuana advocacy

Caitlin Donohue
Arts & Culture

Art Basel take two: Street art in Wynwood, it's complicated

Caitlin Donohue