Volume 46, Issue 20


Volume 46, Issue 20

News & Culture

City policies are encouraging a new tech boom — but have we learned any lessons from the last one?

Steven T. Jones
Cover Story

Volume 46, Issue 20

News & Culture

The Internet you see is based on your visual portrait -- who do advertisers think you are?

Caitlin Donohue

The mayor's resolution to create better bike lanes was exciting -- until he broke it

Guest Opinion

Mayor Lee testifies in corruption lawsuit that could cost the city $10 million

Luke Thomas

Scott Weiner's call to audit the Sunshine Ordinance Task Force could be problematic

Guardian Editorial

Bow down to Zuckerberg, our lord and master

Tim Redmond

Volume 46, Issue 20

Food & Drink

Pho 2000 is the new bowl champion

L.E. Leone

Jazzy flights of fancy (and a nice play on that eponymous bird) at this innovative, eclectic Fillmore newbie 

Virginia Miller

Volume 46, Issue 20

Arts & Culture

Conservation (and good storytelling) inspire Ann and Steve Dunsky

Cheryl Eddy

An interview with the tax attorney who is trying to save medical marijuana

Caitlin Donohue
Arts & Culture

Is Ken Russell's awesome "The Devils" Satan's favorite movie? Sure, why the hell not.

Dennis Harvey

"3020 Laguna Street in Exitum" transforms a doomed Cow Hollow domicile into nine site-specific artworks

Matt Sussman

Four new bars to get you hot 'n watered. Plus: "V", Rebolledo, Ewan Pearson, Brazil Carnaval Ball, Lil Miss Hot Mess, Ellen Ferrato, and Poolside parties

Marke B.

Opening-weekend triumphs at the 2012 Black Choreographers Festival

Rita Felciano

Die Antwoord, Budos Band, Veronica Falls, the Creation Records documentary -- our best bets for this week's festival

Guardian Staff Writers

"Bros Before Hos" tackles the rough business of being a man

Matt Sussman

Noise Pop 2012: It's 20 years for the massive music and film fest -- tender memories with Archers of Loaf, Cursive, Thao, and more

Emily Savage

Noise Pop 2012: Is Glass Candy producer Johnny Jewel's recent project his allegedly scrapped Drive score?

Michael Krimper