Volume 46, Issue 25


Volume 46, Issue 25

News & Culture

From the sounds of the Panthers to Angela Davis' thoughts on Occupy, this week's issue surveys some of today's progressive African American happenings

Cover Story

Volume 46, Issue 25

News & Culture

How political struggles and concepts from the '60s are animating a new generation

Yael Chanoff

Winners of the POOR Magazine's Battle of All the Sexes, in verse

Our mayor's face has been conspicuously missing from the Bernal protests

Guardian Editorial

The two movements have it in them to merge, but it's going to take some work

Davey D Cook

Killing the Messenger explores Black Muslim ideology and the cycles of brutality

Steven T. Jones

Volume 46, Issue 25

Food & Drink

Great new midday meals at Wise Sons, Square Meals, Seoul Patch, and New England Lobster

Virginia Miller

Collaborating on life -- and tucking in at Pagarung Thai

L.E. Leone

Volume 46, Issue 25

Arts & Culture

A Vortex Room tribute examines William Shatner's dark side

Dennis Harvey