Volume 46, Issue 27


Volume 46, Issue 27

News & Culture

GREEN ISSUE: A court case — and a new film — delve into the unsolved question of the infamous environmentalist blast

Yael Chanoff

Who's gaming Healthy SF with phony surcharges? A Guardian exclusive

Danielle Magee
Guardian Editorial

Businesses charge a health-care surcharge then keep the money for profit.

David Campos, Tom Ammiano

GREEN ISSUE: Synthetic biology is creating jobs and promising innovations, but critics say it's dangerous and lacks proper safeguards

Steven T. Jones

GREEN ISSUE: Tiny green urban refuges -- and hot danger underground

Ali Lane

GREEN ISSUE: Ousted White House green jobs adviser Van Jones is ready for more people power -- and to Rebuild the Dream

Caitlin Donohue

Volume 46, Issue 27

Food & Drink

Hot players, drizzly victories, and some fine eggs Precita Park Cafe

L.E. Leone

Irresistible spot lights up Monterey with ghosts, Negronis, quality fare -- and tableside Absinthe service  

Virginia Miller

Volume 46, Issue 27

Arts & Culture

Danish superstar Paprika Steen comes on strong in Applause

Dennis Harvey

Jafar Panahi tests the limits of his filmmaking ban with This Is Not a Film

Sam Stander

GREEN ISSUE: A conversation with underwater explorer and photographer David Hall, author of Beneath Cold Seas

Mirissa Neff

Hop on the Bear in Heaven thrill ride

Frances Capell

Dark nightmares inspire pop-prog Brooklyn act Chairlift

Kimberly Chun

From Turkish Star Wars to Phantom Planet -- "Starship Vortex" sci-fi flick series dwells in forgotten netherworlds of cosmic fantasy

Dennis Harvey

Collaborative cuisine blossoms between the Bay Area and Japan at OPENharvest