Volume 46, Issue 41


Volume 46, Issue 41

Top Stories

National chain stores are flooding into a city that once led the nation in protecting neighborhood businesses and setting limits on commercial spaces

Steven T. Jones
Top Stories

Volume 46, Issue 41

News & Culture

A nationwide hunt for sexually exploited children wound up catching a few youth — and a lot more adult sex workers

Yael Chanoff

The real problem is the state's defunding of public education

Guest Opinion

Are we back to the bad old days? Ed Lee's potential perjury points to yes

Guardian Editorial

Volume 46, Issue 41

Food & Drink

Hitting the fried chicken and pulled pork jackpot at Rainbow Donuts and Smoke Berkeley

L.E. Leone

Gioia, Bakeworks, Del Popolo, Nick's Pizza ... a survey of hot new pizza parlors 

Virginia Miller

Volume 46, Issue 41

Arts & Culture

A retro art form is alive (and thriving!) thanks to the San Francisco Mixtape Society

Cynthia Salaysay

Dance meets travelogue in Alex Ketley's vibrant No Hero

Rita Felciano

Summer heat, tropical-style, with Surya Dub at Non Stop Bhangra. Plus: Cubcake, Cosmetics, more

Marke B.

The SF Silent Film Festival honors prolific director William Beaudine with a screening of 1926's 'The Canadian'

Does that exist? Meghan McCain says yes

Caitlin Donohue

Another cannabis dispensary closure? Time to move to South America, where the president has just proposed a legalization plan 

Caitlin Donohue
Arts & Culture

Author David Kirby champions the anti-captivity movement in Death at SeaWorld

Cheryl Eddy

On the verge of a sold-out tour, the R&B star reveals himself

Daniel Alvarez