Volume 46, Issue 46


Volume 46, Issue 46

News & Culture

San Francisco did everything right. Now the feds are shutting down legal marijuana in town. And nobody can figure out what happened

Steven T. Jones
Cover Story

Volume 46, Issue 46

News & Culture

Trans people are struggling to find decent health care -- but hope is in sight

Yael Chanoff

The Proposition 35 endorsement puts sex workers and their families at risk

Guest Opinion

City streets are being rented out for a pittance

Guardian Editorial

Volume 46, Issue 46

Food & Drink

Traditional Swedish dishes interpreted with a fresh regional spin

Virginia Miller

Waves of nostalgia -- and a trip to Curry Boyzz

L.E. Leone

Volume 46, Issue 46

Arts & Culture

Cindy Sherman's performative portraits visit SFMOMA

Matt Fisher

Strategies of performance animate art — and site — in SFMOMA's 'Stage Presence'

Robert Avila

Early efforts by Antonioni and Fellini elevate the curio factor of 1953 omnibus Love in the City

Dennis Harvey

First-run Asian films bring sexy spirits and sad samurai to town

Cheryl Eddy

Floating Points' unlikely reconfiguration of dance music

Michael Krimper