Volume 47, Issue 44


Volume 47, Issue 44

News & Culture

TABLEHOPPING: Take a bite out of summer with hot restaurant openings, a plethora of brand new patios, and some delicious things to look forward to  

Marcia Gagliardi
Cover Story

Volume 47, Issue 44

News & Culture

ABU ends picket of Lennar's Shipyard project after city agency agrees to oversee local hiring process

Parker Yesko

Employers use Obamacare to launch fresh challenge to SF's healthcare safety net

Rebecca Bowe
Guardian Editorial

Bay Area Bike Share debuts with just 700 bicycles — not enough, say SF officials; too many, say bike rental companies

Erin Dage

Volume 47, Issue 44

Food & Drink

From pineapple shakes to cold plum soup: The Blob eats her way through the season

The Blob

Ten vegan junk food dishes you should be noshing on this summer

Emily Savage

What better way to recover from our chilly summer days than a hot cocktail? 

Crystal Sykes

Chain, chain, chain: bike-friendly cafes to grease your gears and fuel your summer rides

Marke B.

Volume 47, Issue 44

Arts & Culture

A 1990s tabloid princess rides again in 'Triple Fisher'

Cheryl Eddy

Rye Rye plays the "After Party," a debut from WOOF, plus Al Lover, Lightning Dust, and more

Emily Savage

The Descendents' Milo Aukerman on dead rock stars, caffeine addiction, and biochemistry

Ilan Moskowitz

Woody Allen's highly anticipated 'Blue Jasmine' has less San Francisco in it than expected — but it's still his best film in years

Dennis Harvey

Amy Seiwert's "Sketch" series encourages experimentation

Rita Felciano