Volume 48, Issue 12


Volume 48, Issue 12

News & Culture

School district helps the city with affordable housing, but teachers say they're the ones who need help

Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez

Muni could collect millions in fines against private shuttles — but it won't

Rebecca Bowe

Could the tech startup FundRise help San Francisco build more affordable housing?

Rebecca Bowe
Guardian Editorial

Volume 48, Issue 12

Food & Drink

TABLEHOPPING: Snag prosciutto and wine at La Nebbia, catch New York–style pizza on Divis, and dive into a Feast of the Seven Fishes.

Marcia Gagliardi
Food & Drink

Volume 48, Issue 12

Arts & Culture

YEAR IN VISUAL ART: What to make of 2013's big-ticket art sales

Matt Fisher

THE YEAR IN THEATER: Highlights from 2013, on and off the boards

Nicole Gluckstern, Robert Avila

THE YEAR IN MUSIC: Teen girls (and fierce young women) rocked the world in 2013

Emily Savage

Director Adam McKay reports on 'Anchorman 2'

Cheryl Eddy

David O. Russell's 'American Hustle' delivers a giddy caper elevated by memorable performances

Dennis Harvey

THE YEAR IN NIGHTLIFE: Queer hip-hop, porn music, spruced-up venues, virtual techno, classical near-riots, and the '90s big-room revival ruled 2013

Marke B.

THE YEAR IN DANCE: A month-by-month look back at the twists, turns, and leaps of 2013 

Rita Felciano