Volume 48, Issue 13


Volume 48, Issue 13

News & Culture

Steven T. Jones, Rebecca Bowe
Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez
Guardian Editorial

Dogs in restaurants are more common than ever, despite being illegal for mere pets, a trend that service dog owners don't like

Reed Nelson

Changing demographics in the Bayview complicate city efforts to open a shelter there

Yael Chanoff

Volume 48, Issue 13

Food & Drink

Sabrosa serves up sophisticated Mexican dishes and drinks

Kaylen Baker
Food & Drink

Volume 48, Issue 13

Arts & Culture

Let 2013 all hang out at these musical blasts

Emily Savage

Emotional monstrosities animate 'Edward Gant's Amazing Feats of Loneliness'

Robert Avila

All the New Year's Eve parties you need to get your ring-a-ding-ding on in style

Marke B.

This year, fathers loomed large (and caused havoc) at the multiplex

THE YEAR IN FILM: Films in 2013 favored solo peril, moody self-discovery, and greed-fueled plunges

Cheryl Eddy

Why it doesn't "get better" for Carrie White

Nicole Gluckstern

THE YEAR IN FILM: Looking back at a triumphant year for African American films

Kimberly Chun