Volume 42, Issue 44


Volume 42, Issue 44

Top Stories

Best of the Bay 2008: All of our delicious Food and Drink winners

Top Stories

Megadeveloper sues and is sued over toxic dust on Hunters Point

Sarah Phelan
Top Stories

Volume 42, Issue 44

News & Culture

Andrea Nemerson

How in the world does the representative of perhaps the most antiwar city in the country sign off on the United States doing this to another nation

Tom Gallagher

It isn't the only charter amendment on the November ballot, but it's already shaping up to be the political lightning rod of this fall's election

Janna Brancolini, Sarah Phelan

Hurray for Best of the Bay

Tim Redmond

As a gesture of cooperation and goodwill, Newsom should come out and support Sup. Chris Daly's latest proposal to close Market Street to automobiles

Guardian Editorial

Volume 42, Issue 44

Arts & Culture

Faun Fables get punky with the folk theatricality. Plus: Titus Andronicus, Conor Oberst, NOMO, and more

Kimberly Chun

A local female comedy duo who combine a powerful sexual magnetism with down-in-the-dirt, clit-tickling humor

Deborah Giattina
Arts & Culture

Hypnotic rhythms weirded up by synthesized noise squiggles

Lauren Giniger

"That fact that Dolly Parton simply exists makes me happy."

Kimberly Chun

Eating shit while charming pants off in this Brit mockumentary

Dennis Harvey

Ana Teresa Fernández confronts the manual in "Tela Araña Tela"

Ari Messer
Arts & Culture

A teenage life that's as wild and difficult as XXY

Lynn Rapoport

A quick guide to the new queer Argentine cinema

Johnny Ray Huston