Volume 43, Issue 12


Volume 43, Issue 12

Top Stories

The BART Police Department operates without oversight or accountability - but with plenty of attack dogs and 12-gauge shotguns

Tim Redmond
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BART cop shoots naked man - why?

A.C. Thompson
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San Francisco's social safety net takes brunt of mid-year cutbacks

Amanda Witherell
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Steven T. Jones
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Newsom's budgetary olive branch does little to ease the impact or win over supervisors

Sarah Phelan
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Volume 43, Issue 12

News & Culture

Andrea Nemerson

"Let the term fester in your ear until you are delivered from your bigotry"

Ben Rosenfeld

Green City: Greenpeace looks ahead to change after "profound disappointment"

Jeremy Spitz

Last-minute shopping ideas for the time-management impaired

Molly Freedenberg

Wouldn't an across-the-board wage freeze be better than layoffs?

Tim Redmond

This is no time for modest, cautious proposals. The budget situation is alarming

Guardian Editorial

Volume 43, Issue 12

Food & Drink

Gratifyingly spicy and carefully prepared dishes keep SoMa diners coming back for more

Paul Reidinger
Food & Drink

Taqueria Los Comales in Oakland

L.E. Leone
Food & Drink

Volume 43, Issue 12

Arts & Culture

The Year in Music 2008: A new set of touchstones for rocky times

Kimberly Chun

The Year in Music 2008: How to cope with musical canon formation in an anti-matter era

Johnny Ray Huston

The Year in Music 2008: Bay hip-hop received an infusion of new blood and fresh inspiration

Garrett Caples

The Year in Music 2008: Writers and musicians give up their faves and beyond from 2k8

The Year in Music 2008: There's just no stopping the march of the SF nightlife Smurfs

Marke B.

The Year in Music 2008: I Hate New Music, but does new music suck?

Will York

The Year in Music 2008: Pop ate and re-ate itself, then regressed and regurgitated

Billy Jam

The Year in Music 2008: You didn't have to dig deep to find the canonical figure this year

Todd Lavoie

The Year in Music 2008: New York steals San Francisco's thunder -- but who cares?

Josh Wilson

The Year in Music 2008: Celebrating a different kind of singer-songwriter

Max Goldberg