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Broke Ass Stuart's Broke As Hell book tour kick-off party The Make Out Room, 3225 22nd St., SF. (415) 647-2888, Facebook: Kick Off Party for the Broke As Hell Book Tour. 9pm- midnight, $3 before 10pm. We are currently between seasons of Broke Ass Stuart's Young, Broke and Beautiful TV show on the Independent Film Channel, but that don't mean you can't get all hopped up on the ambassador of SF delinquency's particular brand of guiding. Buy his book, dammit. You can do it tonight after Stuart does a reading that has something to do with San Francisco — preferably before you hit the floor for DJs Centipede and Tom Thump's "Loose Joints" dance party.


Polk Street Blues Festival Polk between Broadway and California, SF. www.polkstreetbluesfestival.com. Also Sun/25. 10am-6pm, free. Your bike was eaten by a Muni track, your face was eaten by asphalt, and now you're hungry but it hurts to move. We've all got reasons to sing the blues, anyways. Thank Muddy Waters, because now SF's got a free street fest devoted to the genre. Two stages of blues will be bumping all day, and families can snag snacks and seating in the food court areas.

Steamroller Printing Festival Rhode Island between 16th and 17th sts., SF. www.sfcb.org. Noon-5pm, free. Many years ago, the Center for the Book tells us, all books were printed via three-ton construction steamrollers running amok over city streets. Maybe. Or maybe this is just a fun way to show off the possibilities for publishing — in this case, large scale linoleum carved blocks. There will also be a passel of printers selling their books and other imprints, and workshops for those interested in a little DIY.

North Beach Artwalk Columbus and surrounding streets, SF. Also Sun/25. 11am-5pm, free. www.thd.org/art-and-culture. San Francisco epic: sitting with your latte (or, not that we encourage this type of behavior, your brown-bagged beverage) in Keroauc Alley and watching poets, artists, and musicians performing in the North Beach ambiance. This is the fourth North Beach art walk and with venues all over the neighborhood participating, there will sure to be enough to keep you entertained at least one of its two days of operation.

Tour de Fat Lindley Meadow, Golden Gate Park, SF. Facebook: Tour de Fat. 11am-5pm, free. Ritual ceremony for the velo-minded: every year at microbrewer Fat Tire-sponsored Tour de Fat a lucky individual gives up their car for a year in exchange for a bike by Black Sheep. Also: whiz-bang live music, a beer garden, and carnival-style activities you can enjoy regardless of the number of wheels you rolled in on (two would probably be best).


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