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Schedules are for Wed/5-Tues/11 except where noted. Director and year are given when available. Double and triple features are marked with a •. All times p.m. unless otherwise specified.

ARTISTS' TELEVISION ACCESS 992 Valencia, SF; $6. "Other Cinema:" program on the politics of social media, with works by Dominic Gagnon, Hrman Asselbergh, and others, Sat, 8:30.

CASTRO 429 Castro, SF; (415) 621-6120, $7.50-15. We Were Here (Weissman and Weber, 2011), Wed-Thurs, 7, 9:15 (also Wed, 2:30, 4:45). "Midnites for Maniacs: Monsters in Your Own Backyard:" •The Goonies (Donner, 1985), Fri, 7; The Hole 3D (Dante, 2009), Fri, 9:30; Gremlins 2: The New Batch (Dante, 1990), Fri, 11:59. Director Joe Dante in person; $15 for one or all three films. Pam Ann live performance, Sat, 7:30. This event, $35-30 at •Brighton Rock (Boulting Brothers, 1947) Sun, 1:15, 5:05, 9, and The Third Man (Reed, 1949), Sun, 3:05, 7. CHRISTOPHER B. SMITH RAFAEL FILM CENTER 1118 Fourth St, San Rafael; (415) 454-1222, Mill Valley Film Festival, Oct 6-16. Tickets (most shows $13.50) and more info at

MECHANICS' INSTITUTE 57 Post, SF; (415) 393-0100, $10 (reservations required as seating is limited). "CinemaLit Film Series: Discovering Myrna Loy:" The Animal Kingdom (Griffith, 1932), Fri, 6.

NINTH STREET INDEPENDENT FILM CENTER 145 Ninth St, SF; $10. "What Is Love Project Launch Party:" Who Leads and Love is Not Enough, Sat, 7:30.

PACIFIC FILM ARCHIVE 2575 Bancroft, Berk; (510) 642-5249, $5.50-9.50. "Paul Sharits: An Open Cinema:" "Paul Sharits: Early Work" (1966-1971), Wed, 7:30. "A Theater Near You:" Went the Day Well? (Cavalcanti, 1942), Thurs, 7. "The Outsiders: New Hollywood Cinema in the Seventies:" Loose Ends (Morris and Wozniak, 1975), Fri, 7; Killer of Sheep (Burnett, 1977), Fri, 9; Badlands (Malick, 1973), Sat, 6:30; Mean Streets (Scorsese, 1973), Sat, 8:25. "UCLA Festival of Preservation:" Eve's Leaves (Sloane, 1926), Sun, 4. "Anatolian Outlaw: Yilmaz Güney:" The Poor (Güney and Yilmaz, 1974), Sun, 5:35. "Kino-Eye: The Revolutionary Cinema of Dziga Vertov:" "Kino-Week Nos. 31-35" (Vertov, 1919), Tues, 7. ROXIE 3117 and 3125 16th St, SF; (415) 863-1087, $5-9.75. "TV Noir:" •"Test Flight: Program One," Wed, 6:15, 9:45, and "Program Two," Wed, 8; •"Sex, Drugs, and Dragnet," Thurs, 6:15, 9:50, and "CrimeBusters!", Thurs, 8. American Teacher (Roth, 2011), Oct 7-13, check website for showtimes. Sleep Furiously (Koppel, 2008), Oct 7-13 (no shows Tues/11), 7, 9 (also Sat-Sun, 3 and 5). "Bioneers Film Night:" !Women Art Revolution (Hershman Leeson, 2011), Tues, 8:15; YERT (Your Environmental Road Trip) (Dixon and Evans, 2011), Tues, 8:45. Tickets ($6.50-8) and more info at SAN FRANCISCO FILM SOCETY NEW PEOPLE CINEMA 1746 Post, SF; $15. "An Evening with Susan Orlean and Rin Tin Tin:" Clash of the Wolves (Smith, 1925), Sun, 7:30. Author Orlean in person with her book Rin Tin Tin: The Life and the Legend. VORTEX ROOM 1082 Howard, SF; $5 donation. "The Vortex Incarnate:" •The Devil's Rain (Fuest, 1975), Thurs, 9, and Invitation to Hell (Craven, 1984), Thurs, 11. YERBA BUENA CENTER FOR THE ARTS 701 Mission, SF; (415) 978-2787, $6-8. "Cruel Cinema: New Directions in Tamil Films:" Naan Kadavul (I Am God) (Bala, 2009), Thurs, 6 and Sun, 9; Subramaniapuram (Sasikumar, 2008), Sat, 7 and Sun, 4.

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