Psychic Dream Astrology: November 2-8



March 21-April 19

You have got to move slow enough to be able to hear your inner voice. Spontaneity and impulsiveness have their place, but this week well-considered actions will yield better outcomes. Remain emotionally present for whatever your present holds, even if that stalls developments.



April 20-May 20

Hope is a powerful force, and you need all the good-vibes horsepower you can get! Invest in your desires by reinforcing your positive beliefs, Taurus. Every day this week write a list of all the things you are grateful for and all that you believe you can have. Put more energy into your dreams.



May 21-June 21


You are being challenged to uphold fortitude in the face of your own uncertainty, Gemini. You may not be able to see what's around the bend, or even to understand exactly what's happening now, but you can take greater responsibility for how you participate. Don't react, initiate this week.


June 22-July 22


You can run around worried sick that the sky is falling, but it won't help keep help it stay up, pal. Fear is a plague upon your gentle soul and it can only be fought with optimism. Follow your heart's desires by sinking more conscious energy into them than you put into your fears.


July 23-Aug. 22


Honesty is by far and away the best policy, Leo. Your relationships are in a major state of flux and you can't control them; get current with your connections so you can see more clearly the very real changes that have developed in the people around you. When in doubt, deal directly this week.



Aug. 23-Sept. 22


Once you feel overburdened it's hecka hard to find enough energy to replenish yourself with to feel better. Get yourself to neutral ground before you make improvements. Take a solid step back from your entanglements and reinforce your insides before you do anything else.


Sept. 23-Oct. 22


There is no place you wanna go that doesn't require vulnerability, Libra. The thing that sucks about that is that you have got to stay open anyways, and what's so awesome about it is the possible pay off; a personal life that is way richer than what you have now.


Oct. 23-Nov. 21


You don't have to jockey for power, silly Scorpio! Healthy boundaries clearly stated will do just fine. If you don't quit playing games and waiting behind the bushes to see the other guy's move before you make yours, you'll only waste precious time and energy. Play it straight or go home.



Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Growth sounds good, but often hurts. There is a meaningful expansion happening in your neck of the woods, and you needn't be scared off by growing pains. Adopt an introspective attitude towards the hard stuff so you can get the most out of your transitions.



Dec. 22-Jan. 19

The worst thing you can do this week is to let your anxieties inhibit you from reaching out to people you want to be close to. The pursuit of happiness is meant to be your Priority One, and having loving and stable relationships is a big part of that. Put yourself out there, Cap. AQUARIUS Jan. 20-Feb. 18 Your obligations and fears are giving birth to some frustrations that suck rocks. You have got to change how you participate, 'cause what you're doing clearly isn't working. Focus on being the change you wish to see in your situations instead of waiting for things to change on their own.



Feb. 19-March 20

Don't let blocks on your path stop you from believing in yourself, Pisces. Treat your problems as inspiration to fix what's broken, and your fears as an opportunity to work with your blind spots. Build a tomorrow that's more authentically you and sustainable than your yesterday was.


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