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Schedules are for Wed/25-Tue/1 except where noted. Director and year are given when available. Double and triple features are marked with a •. All times pm unless otherwise specified.

ARTISTS' TELEVISION ACCESS 992 Valencia, SF; $6. "Other Cinema:" "Cinematic Psychedelia," with Christian Divine, Sat, 8:30.

BERKELEY FELLOWSHIP OF UNITARIAN UNIVERSALISTS 1924 Cedar, Berk; $5-10. "Reel Work Labor Film Festival:" Brothers on the Line (Reuther, 2012), Fri, 7.

BOLLYHOOD CAFÉ 3372 19th St, SF; $12. Catching Babies: Celebrating the Power of Birth, Women, and Midwives (Qaasim, 2011), Mon, 7.

CASTRO 429 Castro, SF; (415) 621-6120, $7.50-11. San Francisco International Film Festival, Wed and Fri-Sat. See for tickets and schedule. •Paper Moon (Bogdanovich, 1973), Thu, 3, 7, and Glengarry Glen Ross (Foley, 1992), Thu, 4:55, 9. Corpus Christi: Playing With Redemption (2012), Sun, 2. Sneak preview screening; more info at •Koyaanisqatsi (Reggio, 1982), Sun, 5:30, 9, and Monumental: David Brower's Fight for Wild America (Duane, 2005), Sun, 7:15. Pina (Wenders, 2011), May 1-2, 7, 9:15 (also May 2, 2:30, 4:45).

CHRISTOPHER B. SMITH RAFAEL FILM CENTER 1118 Fourth St, San Rafael; (415) 454-1222, $6.75-10.25. Bully (Hirsch, 2012), call for dates and times. The Deep Blue Sea (Davies, 2011), call for dates and times. The Island President (Shenk, 2011), call for dates and times. Jiro Dreams of Sushi (Gelb, 2011), call for dates and times. Letters From the Big Man (Munch, 2011), call for dates and times. Monsieur Lazhar (Falardeau, 2011), call for dates and times. Marley (Macdonald, 2012), April 27-May 3, call for times. Straight Outta Hunters Point 2 (Epps, 2012), Sun, 7. Filmmaker Kevin Epps in person.

GOETHE-INSTITUT 530 Bush, SF; $5. "2011 International Short Film Festival Oberhausen On-Tour," Wed/25 (German competition program) and May 2 (music videos made in Germany), 7.

PACIFIC FILM ARCHIVE 2575 Bancroft, Berk; (510) 642-5249, $5.50-9.50. "Film 50: History of Cinema, Film and the Other Arts:" Dracula: Pages From a Virgin's Diary (Maddin, 2002), Wed, 3:10. With a lecture by Marilyn Fabe. San Francisco International Film Festival, Wed-Tue. See for tickets and schedule.

ROXIE 3117 and 3125 16th St, SF; (415) 863-1087, $6.50-10. Letters From the Big Man (Munch, 2011), Wed-Thurs, 6:45, 8:45. Hit So Hard (Ebersole, 2011), April 27-May 3, 7:15, 9:30 (also Sat-Sun, 2:30, 4:30. Director P. David Ebersole and film subjects Patty Schemel and Eric Erlandson in person Fri-Sat evening shows.

VORTEX ROOM 1082 Howard, SF; $7 donation. "Starship Vortex:" •Turkish Star Wars a.k.a. Dünyayi Kurtaran Adam (Inanç, 1982), Thu, 9, and Voyage to the End of the Universe (Polák, 1963), Thu, 11.

YERBA BUENA CENTER FOR THE ARTS 701 Mission, SF; (415) 978-2787, $6-8. "Great Directors Speak:" HHH: A Portrait of Hou Hsiao-Hsien (Assayas, 1996), Thu, 7:30; Notes on an American Film Director at Work: Martin Scorsese (Mekas, 2005-08), Sat, 7:30. "New Films About Architecture:" The Pruitt-Igoe Myth (Friedrichs, 2011), Sun, 2 and 4.

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