Occupy the Auction, City Hall steps, 1 Dr Carlton B Goodlett Pl, SF; 1:45pm, free. This event may not be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity -- organizers at Occupy the Auction have been showing up the City Hall every single weekday since April 27 -- but it's definitely worth checking out. Occupy the Auction works with people facing unjust evictions from their property, including homeowners that have been fraudulently foreclosed on and renters facing eviction because of their landlord's mortgage issues. Talk about focused and effective: this campaign stops the majority of home auctions it targets.


Beautiful Trouble & Organizing Cools, Planet Sub-mission, 2183 Mission, SF; 7pm, free. This is a book launch for two books at once. Beautiful Trouble is part history and part manual for activism, art, and creative protest. Organizing Cools the Planet is a pamphlet on environmental organizing that has won praise with the likes of Vandana Shiva and Noam Chomsky. Celebrate the books and rock out to the Brass Liberation Orchestra at this event. There will also apparently be "super special surprise happenings."


Decolonized Yoga, 16th and Mission BART Station Plaza, SF. 5-7pm, free. The Occupy movement in San Francisco is tumultuous and ever-changing, but the yogis and radicals who host decolonized yoga have maintained a calm and consistent outdoor free yoga practice for months now. If you've ever wanted to do yoga for free with talented teachers and guides, and you don't mind doing so on colorful rugs laid out next to the BART steps, decolonized yoga could be the best way for you to decompress Friday evening.


Malcolm X Jazz Arts Festival, San Antonio Park, 1701 East 19th St, Oak; Free. Fun for the whole family at a truly grassroots festival by and for East Oakland. The annual festival honors Malcolm X on his birthday and features an impressive lineup of local musicians, dancers and performers and community activists, along with a children's section and food stands.


Straight Outta Hunters Point 2, Bayview Opera House, 4705 Third St, SF; 2-5pm, free. The film, a sequel to 2003's Straight Outta Hunters Point, once again showcases filmmaker Kevin Epps' ability to capture the mood and story of the neighborhood he grew up in. The film screened in theaters in February, but now Epps partners with the SF Arts Commission for a screening at the Opera House. As Epps said in a press release: "As a filmmaker and activist, this is the most important screening of all, premiering the film in the neighborhood where it all started." The event will also showcase local organizations such as the San Francisco Black Film Festival and will be catered by Old Skool Café.

Eco-sexual hike, Redwood Park, 7867 Redwood Rd, Oak; 1pm, $25. Annie Sprinkle has helped shape San Francisco's sex activist and cultural world for years. Now an advocate of eco-sexuality, Sprinkle will host Kim Marks, owner of a new all-green sex shop in Portland for an eco-sexual hike right here in SF. Explore the redwoods and your sexuality with this eco-sexy hike.

Long Haul oral history project: The Rodney King riots, Long Haul infoshop, 3124 Shattuck, Berk; 7:30-9pm, free. The Long Haul provides a center for anarchist and radical media and organizing in the Bay Area, and produces the famous Slingshot newsletter. They also have an oral history series on the third Sunday of every month, discussing Bay Area events "with people who were there recalling what happened and how lessons we might have learned then could apply to the struggle now." This Sunday, the focus is on the Rodney King riots in the Bay Area, where 1400 were arrested and a 9pm citywide curfew declared all the way back in 1992.