Julian Davis campaign kick-off Peacock Lounge, 552 Haight, SF; Facebook: Julian Davis for District 5. 6-11pm, free. Julian Davis is president of the Booker T. Washington Community Service Center, former board member of the San Francisco Housing Development Corporation, and 2009 Bay Guardian Local Hero. This year, he's running for District 5 Supervisor. Come celebrate with live music and a host committee with San Francisco legends like Kevin Epps and Diamond Dave Whitaker. Esteemed Oakland civil rights attorney John L. Burris will also be speaking.

Save the people's post office 90 7th St., SF; 5pm, free. Postal workers and postal service supporters are definitely not taking the cuts to postal service budgets and post office closures lying down. Ten current and former postal workers in Washington, DC launched a hunger strike June 25 to protest proposed cuts to the federal postal service budget, and June 27 postal workers in San Francisco plan to march and rally in solidarity.


Nellie Wong book party Oakland feminist Nellie Wong will discuss her latest book of poetry, Breakfast Lunch Dinner, at this event hosted by Bay Area Radical Women. Wong is the founder of the Asian American feminist literary and performance group Unbound Feet, and later traveled worldwide to speak and read poetry, leaving her mark everywhere from China and Cuba to an Embarcadero Muni platform, where lines from her poem "Song of Farewell" are etched.

Occupy Oakland conference assembly, 19th and Telegraph, Oakl; 5-7pm, free. The Occupy Oakland events committee is planning a conference for late August, and it will look a little different than other Occupy conferences this summer. The idea of the conference is "to provide skills, tactics, strategy, and vision within and across occupations. The Occupy Oakland Liberate Everything Conference will explore how nonprofits coopt social movements, the criminalization of pre-crime and radical politics, radical history, and the crisis of capitalism this time, among more," according to the events committee. Sound interesting? Come to their planning meeting and help create the radical Occupy conference you want to see, right here in the Bay Area.


Stop Wells Fargo from evicting our neighbors Wells Fargo, 2595 Mission, SF; Occupy Bernal has fought tooth and nail for neighborhood residents who are facing unjust evictions, and this Saturday will be no different. This time, the target is Alfredo Pedroza, Wells Fargo head of government relations. The group will demand that Pedroza set up meetings between Bernal Heights residents who have strung along too long and Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf to sort out issues with their loan payments and let them keep their homes.

"In the wrong body" 2969 Mission, SF; 7pm, $5-10 suggested donation. This documentary by Cuban filmmaker Marylin Solaya tells the story of Mavi Susel who, in 1988, became the first transgender woman to receive a sex reassignment operation in Cuba. The film touches on issues that affect many trans people regardless of country, such as childhood abuse and stigmatization, as well exploring the specific experience of being transgender in Cuba, where surgeries and other medical procedures are free under the country's healthcare system.


Dogpatch and Potrero Point walking tour meet at 18th St and Tennessee, SF; 11am, free. This is the first event in San Francisco's two-week long Laborfest, which celebrates labor organizing history and brings working people together to unite in labor struggles. On Sunday, join labor photographer Joe Blum for a tour of the historic district that used to be a working class neighborhood centered on the port, and now consists of brand new condos blocks from abandoned shells of industrial buildings. Laborfest is packed with events, including two others Sunday; a discussion of The Trial of Harry Bridges and Chinese Immigration at Angel Island at 11:30 and a door of the waterfront at noon.

Sanford, Florida report back Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists' Hall 1924 Cedar, Berk; 7pm, free. After national peaceful protests, headlines nationwide warned of "race riots" in the tumultuous weeks before George Zimmerman was charged. But what was it really like in the small town that became a national symbol? Come hear this report-back from Bay Area activist Joey Johnson after his trip to Sanford to organize with the outcry for justice for Trayvon Martin.

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