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Since club life is unpredictable, it's a good idea to call ahead or check the venue's website to confirm bookings and hours. Prices are listed when provided to us. Visit for venue information. Submit items for the listings at For further information on how to submit items for the listings, see Picks.



Andrew Jackson Jihad, Future of the Left, Jeff Rosenstock Slim's. 8pm, $15.

Blue Light Curtain, Astral, Tracing Figures, In Letter Form Brick and Mortar Music Hall. 9pm, $5-$8.

Epica, Alestorm, Insomnium, System Divide Regency Ballroom. 7:30pm, $25.

Gentleman Jess and His Men, Midnite Snaxxx, Cocktails Hemlock Tavern. 8:30pm, $8.

Gutwrench, Brian Kenny Fresno, Newtdick Knockout. 10pm, $6.

Lee Huff vs Nathan Temby Johnny Foley's Dueling Pianos. 9:30pm.

Koobi Fora, Fellas Boom Boom Room. 8pm, $5.

Lorne and the Wayhighs feat. Visualraid Experience Independent. 7pm, $15-$35.

Loss, Dispirit, Worm Ouroboros, Rigis Elbo Room. 9pm, $10.

Lydia, Sweet Talker Cafe Du Nord. 8:30pm, $12.

Melvoy, Free Moral Agents, Rio Rio Bottom of the Hill. 9pm, $10.

Terry Savastano Johnny Foley's. 9pm, free.

Scarlet Stoic Dark Horse Inn, 942 Geneva, SF; 9pm, free.


Marc Broussard, Kelley James Yoshi's SF. 8pm, $25.

Dink Dink Dink, Gaucho, Eric Garland's Jazz Session Amnesia. 7pm, free.

Sebastan Giniaux, Panique Rite Spot. 9pm, free.

Ricardo Scales Top of the Mark, 999 California, SF; 6:30pm, $5.


Real Vocal String Band Hotel Rex, 5623 Sutter, SF; 6:30pm.


Booty Call Q-Bar, 456 Castro, SF; 9pm. Juanita MORE! and Joshua J host this dance party.

Coo-Yah! Slate Bar, 2925 16th St, SF; 10pm, free. With Vinyl Ambassador, DJ Silverback, DJs Green B and Daneekah.

Obey the Kitty: Proxy, VCO, Dang Dang Vessel, 85 Campton Place, SF; 10pm, $5.



Big Tree, Chrystian Rawk, French Cassettes Cafe Du Nord. 8:30pm, $10.

Birthday Massacre, William Control, Aesthetic Perfection, Creature Feature, DJ Russell Clash Slim's. 7:30pm, $17.

Blank Tapes, Brand New Trash, Jonny Cat and the Coo Coo Birds Bottom of the Hill. 9pm, $10.

Blasted Canyons, Nothing People, Lorelle Meets the Obsolete Hemlock Tavern. 8:30pm, $8.

Cairo Gang, Joshua Abrams Natural Society Brick and Mortar Music Hall. 9pm, $8-$10.

Gunshy Johnny Foley's. 9pm, free.

Hundred Days, Le Vice, Fire in the Hamptons, DJ Kool Karlo Rickshaw Stop. 9pm, $10.

Latryx feat. Lateef the Truth Speaker and Lyrics Born, Gift of Gab, 1-O.A.K. Independent. 9pm, $25.

Love Dimension, Os Beaches, Trevor Garrod, Classical Revolution String Quartet, Jaunting Martyrs Great American Music Hall. 8:30pm, $12.

Lower 48, Crushed Out, Halsted Hotel Utah. 9pm, $8.

Midnight Chaser, Lonely Kings, Lazer Wolf, Horseneck Thee Parkside. 9pm, $7.

Tame Impala, Amazing Fillmore. 8pm, $22.50.

Nathan Temby vs Lee Huff Johnny Foley's Dueling Pianos. 9:30pm.

Y La Bamba Amnesia. 9pm, $10.


Emily Anne Rite Spot. 9pm, free.

Midtown Social Boom Boom Room. 8pm, $7.

Stompy Jones Top of the Mark, 999 California, SF; 7:30pm, $10.


Twang! Honky Tonk Fiddler's Green, 1330 Columbus, SF; 5pm. Live country music.


All 80s Thursday Cat Club. 9pm, $6 (free before 9:30pm). The best of '80s mainstream and underground.

Afrolicious Elbo Room. 9:30pm, $8. With All Good Funk Alliance, DJ Pleasuremaker.

First Base Rebel, 1760 Market, SF; Facebook: Rebel. 10pm, $3. Old school breaks, disco house, and electro breaks.

Future Perfect: Ritualz, Finally Boys Public Works. 10pm, $5-$10.

Euphoria DNA Lounge.10pm, $15, 18+. Top 40 and Latin with Mario Esqueda.

Tropicana Madrone Art Bar. 9pm, free. Salsa, cumbia, reggaeton, and more with DJs Don Bustamante, Apocolypto, Sr. Saen, Santero, and Mr. E.



Bay Area Heat Johnny Foley's. 9pm, free.

Cerebral Ballzy, Show You Suck, Nanosaur, DJ Matrixxman Brick and Mortar Music Hall. 10pm, $10-$13.

El Ten Eleven, Michna, Yourself and the Air Rickshaw Stop. 9pm, $12.

Glitter Wizard, Hot Lunch, Pork Torta Hemlock Tavern. 9:30pm, $8.

Green, Natural Vibrations, Billy Van Great American Music Hall. 9pm, $18-$20.

Milo Greene, Bahamas Independent. 9pm, $15.

Halestorm, In This Moment, Eve to Adam Slim's. 8pm, $14.

Lee Huff, Jason Marion, Rome Balestrieri Johnny Foley's Dueling Pianos. 9pm.

Lee Vilensky Trio Rite Spot. 9pm, free.

Polyrhythmics, Andy Frasco and the UN Boom Boom Room. 8pm, $15.

Talkdemonic, Extra Classic, Jel, Midnite Snaxx Bottom of the Hill. 9pm, $12.

Witch Mountain, Serpent Crown Thee Parkside. 9pm, $8.

Y La Bamba, Trails and Ways Amnesia. 9pm, $10.

Zoo Station, Minks Cafe Du Nord. 8:30pm, $15.


Audium 1616 Bush, SF; 8:30pm, $20. Theater of sound-sculptured space.

Black Market Jazz Orchestra Top of the Mark, 999 California, SF; 9pm, $10.

Graham Dechter, Jeff Hamilton Trio Yoshi's SF. 8pm, $22; 10pm, $16.


Dust Bowl Revival, New Thoreaus Plough and Stars. 9:30pm, $6-$10.


Drop the Lime, Tenderlions DNA Lounge. 9pm, $15. 18+.

JackHammer Disco with James Murphy (DJ) Public Works. 10:30pm, $20-$25.

Joe Lookout, 3600 16th St.,SF; 9pm. Eight rotating DJs, shirt-off drink specials.

Wally Lopez Vessel, 85 Campton Place, SF; 10pm, $7-$15.

"Nuns Rock" fundraiser Lookout. 9pm, $5.

NVO, Sub-Reactor, Slayers Club Elbo Room. 9:30pm, $10.

Old School JAMZ El Rio. 9pm. Fruit Stand DJs spinning old school funk, hip-hop, and R&B.

Paris to Dakar Little Baobab, 3388 19th St, SF; (415) 643-3558. 10pm, $5. Afro and world music with rotating DJs including Stepwise, Steve, Claude, Santero, and Elembe.



Rome Balestrieri, Jason Marion, Lee Huff Johnny Foley's Dueling Pianos. 9pm.

Blue Diamond Fillups Riptide Tavern. 9:30pm, free.

Coppertones, Chuckleberries Thee Parkside. 3pm, free.

Diego's Umbrella, Vokab Kompany, Hot Bodies in Motion Independent. 9pm, $17.

Faint, Trust, Casket Girls Regency Ballroom. 8pm, $27.

Goldenboy, New Familiar, Pharmacy, Warm Soda Thee Parkside. 9pm, $8.

He Who Can Not Be Named, Blank Spots, Skin Affect Bender's, 800 S. Van Ness, SF; 10pm, $5.

Human Animation Lab Hotel Utah. 8pm.

M.I.R.V., Dead Westerns, Superfinos VTO Bottom of the Hill. 9:30pm, $16.

Philistines, MINOT, Zbornak Hemlock Tavern. 9:30pm, $7.

Poor Man's Whiskey Brick and Mortar Music Hall. 9pm, $20.

Skerik and the Dead Kenny G's, Dustbowl Revival Boom Boom Room. 8pm, $17.

Skin Divers Johnny Foley's. 9pm, free.

Typhoon, Laura Gibson, Lost Lander Great American Music Hall. 9pm, $13-$15.


Audium 1616 Bush, SF; 8:30pm, $20. Theater of sound-sculptured space.

Marc Broussard, Kelley James Yoshi's SF. 8pm, $28; 10pm, $22.

Project Pimento Rite Spot. 9pm, free.


Brasil Guitar Duo Green Room, War Memorial and Performing Arts Center, 401 Van Ness, SF; 8pm, $17-$34.


Bootie SF: Adrian Homecoming Set DNA Lounge. 9pm, $10-$15. With Adrian, Tripp, Dada, Smash-up Derby.

Fringe Madrone Art Bar. 9pm, $5. Indie music video dance party with DJ Blondie K and subOctave.

LA Riots Vessel, 85 Campton Place, SF; 10pm, $7-$15.

OK Hole Amnesia. 9pm. Tussle record release.

Paris to Dakar Little Baobab, 3388 19th St, SF; (415) 643-3558. 10pm, $5. Afro and world music with rotating DJs.

Radio Franco Bissap, 3372 19th St, SF; (415) 826 9287. 6pm. Rock, Chanson Francaise, blues.

Saturday Night Soul Party Elbo Room. 10pm, $5-$10. With DJs Lucky, Paul Paul, and Phengren Oswald.

Smiths Party Slate Bar, 2925 16th St, SF; 10pm, $5. Sounds of the Smiths, Morrissey, the Cure, and New Order.

Wild Nights Kok BarSF, 1225 Folsom, SF; 9pm, $3. With DJ Frank Wild.



Jody Allen, Nathanial Johnstone, DJ TeslaRose Cafe Du Nord. 8pm, $12.

"Battle the Bands" DNA Lounge. 5:30pm, $12. With No Expectations, Lance Burden, Mallory, Avida Ameros.

Cold Specks, onelinedrawing, Kofy Brown Bottom of the Hill. 9pm, $12.

James Conner, Spiderheart, Chingadero, Sunfighter Brick and Mortar Music Hall. 9pm, $5-$8.

Fresh Beat Band Masonic, 1111 California, SF; 5:30pm, $39.50.

Gold Medalists Hemlock Tavern. 6pm, $6.

Modern Day Moonshine Boom Boom Room. 8pm, free.

Project 86 DNA Lounge. 8pm, $15. With I Am Empire, Death Valley High.

Terry Savastano Johnny Foley's. 9pm, free.

Michael Zapruder Amnesia. 9pm.


"Chamber Music Day" Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, 701 Mission, SF; noon-7pm.

Conspiracy of Beards Rite Spot. 8pm, free.

Daria Bliss Bar, 4026 24th St, SF; 4:30pm, $10.

Daniel Rosenboom Musician's Union Hall, 116 Ninth St, SF; 7:30p.m., $8-$10.

Sonny Holland Quintet Yoshi's SF. 7pm, $20.


"Twang Sunday" Thee Parkside. 4pm, free. With Kitchen Fire, Tell River.


Dub Mission Elbo Room. 9pm, $6. With DJ Sep, Maneesh the Twister, DJ Ripley.

Jock Lookout, 3600 16th St, SF; 3pm, $2.



Damir Johnny Foley's. 9pm, free.

Lecherous Gaze, Surprise Vacation Hemlock Tavern. 7pm, $5.

Maine, Mayday Parade, Postelles Regency Ballroom. 7pm, $22.

Benny Marchant Cafe Du Nord. 8pm, $10.

"Memorial Concert for Eric David Mandel" Biscuits and Blues. 7pm. With Harvey Mandel and the SnakeCrew.

Myka 9, Paranoid Castle, Graves 33 Elbo Room. 9pm, $10.

Patrick Watson, Half Moon Run Great American Music Hall. 8pm, $16-$19.

Rachael Yamagata, Ed Romanoff, Adrien Reju Independent. 8pm, $18.


Richard Rite Spot. 8:30pm, free.


Crazy Mondays Beauty Bar, 2299 Mission, SF; 10pm, free. Hip-hop and other stuff.

Death Guild DNA Lounge. 9:30pm, $3-$5. Gothic, industrial, and synthpop with Joe Radio, Decay, and Melting Girl.

M.O.M. Madrone Art Bar. 6pm, free. DJs Timoteo Gigante, Gordo Cabeza, and Chris Phlek playing all Motown every Monday.

Soul Cafe John Colins Lounge, 138 Minna, SF; 9pm. R&B, Hip-Hop, Neosoul, reggae, dancehall, and more with DJ Jerry Ross.

Vibes'N'Stuff El Amigo Bar, 3355 Mission, SF; (415) 852-0092. 10pm, free. Conscious jazz and hip-hop.



Anuhea Independent. 8pm, $18.

Counting Crows, Tender Mercies, Mean Creek Masonic, 1111 California, SF; 7:30pm, $45-$89.50.

Drizoletto Rite Spot. 8:30pm, free.

Joy Formidable Chapel, 777 Valencia, SF; 9pm, $25.

Slow Motion Cowboys, Lia Rose, Lady Crooners Bottom of the Hill. 9pm, $8.

Snow Wite, Cruel Summer, CCR Headcleaner, Breakarts Hemlock Tavern. 8:30pm, $7.

Stan Erhart Band Johnny Foley's. 9pm, free.

Sufis Amnesia. 9:30pm.

Ana Tijoux Brick and Mortar Music Hall. 8pm, $15-$18.


Carlos Reyes Yoshi's SF. 8pm, $18.


Brazilian Wax Elbo Room. 9pm, $7. Forro dance party with Forro Brazuca, DJs Carioca and P-Shot.

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