Metal Mother

On the Rise: "Dismantling the mundane and mediocre thought systems that are ruling the planet."

Metal Mother: Post-Apocalyptic-art-wave

Like some sort of neon, acid-drenched wood nymph, Metal Mother's ( Tara Tati wanders through the leafy, NSFW video for the haunting art-pop "Shake" off last year's Bonfire Diaries and into the mind's eye. In 2012, there will be a first trip to SXSW, more videos (yay!), a few remixes, and, fingers crossed, another full length out toward the end of this year. And as the shimmering Tati says, she'll "Continue dismantling the mundane and mediocre thought systems that are ruling the planet."

Tati and her band, which came together shortly after the release of Bonfire proved most theatrical of the Guardian photoshoot, with glittering headpieces and flexible posing. In setting up the right headspace for a photo Tati at one point explained, "I imagine we're on a wind-torn beach in Scotland." Appropriate given the band's atmospheric sound. Before embarking on tour, Metal Mother will play Disco Volante on March 3 (347 14 St., Oakl.

Description of sound: Post-apocalyptic-art-wave.

What do you like most about the Bay Area music scene: Oakland (where I live) has the feeling of being a fairly insulated city, and I think because it feels like we're off the mainstream radar a bit, in combination with the massive artist population, there's more support here for being 'experimental' and trying new things, than there is for being traditional. There's this intense camaraderie, like it's all for one and one for all, yet at the same time, there's a crazy bullshit filter that really keeps us all in our most authentically creative place.

What piece of music means the most to you and why: The piece that's recently gotten the most consistent play on my iPod is Sufjan Stevens' latest album, Age of Adz. I've realized that most music that has lasting power for me usually has some symphonic, classical element to it, and he really nailed it with this album. Its masterfully produced; the arrangements are shockingly complex yet have this unyielding elegance that still gets me all emotional. To me, it's a perfect blend of sweetness, humility, passion, and absurdity; there's never a dull moment!

Favorite local eatery and dish: Tacubaya in Berkeley, all the vegetarian dishes are amazing. My favorite is probably the 'seasonal vegetable' tamales.

Who would you most like to tour with: It's a tie between Sufjan Stevens and Bjork.

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