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Etcetera Wine Bar

Those of you who have been around the ‘hood for a minute might remember when 795 Valencia was an oxygen bar. Oh, the early aughts! The spot has changed hands a few times, but Etcetera may be the best yet, and after only six months in business have solidified their seat among the heavy wine hitters in the Bay Area. This warm and cozy wine bar offers a classy respite from the dive bar scene but without the pretension or excessive posh that your typical wine bar may offer, with monthly wine flights and tapas specials on top of the classic cheese and charcuterie plates and full dinner menu. Their flammenkueche, a French spin on pizza with a crispy crust and crème fraiche, is to die for and their two tapas with bottle of wine deal for $35 can’t be beat. (Jackie Andrews)

795 Valencia, SF | (415) 926-5477 | etceterawinebar.com


James Choi at his family owned corner market turned sandwhich hub of the Mission.

Rhea’s Deli

Recently a physicist teamed up with a bakery to formulate the perfect sandwich, which resulting in a long string of symbols seemingly lifted from the chalkboard in Good Will Hunting. Back in 2009, when Rhea’s liquor store decided they wanted to include a Deli and make delicious sandwiches, they didn’t need science, just good ingredients with perfect proportions and creative combos like Korean steak, pork katsu, and faux-BBQ chicken. Plus, their house-made aioli, jicama slaw, pickled red onions and jalapenos sandwiched between Boar’s Head cold cuts and Acme bread make the perfectly portable and un-soggy meal to take to Dolores Park or the new Mission Playground. (Jackie Andrews)

800 Valencia, SF | (415) 282-5255 | Take-out, dine-in, or delivery


Mission Cultural Center Presents: La Quebradora

The Mission Cultural Center has assembled a collection of art and performances that map Mexican cultural history through the spectacle of Lucha Libre, including an appearance by the "Mexican Hulk Hogan” himself, el luchador Mil Máscaras. On June 6 from 6:30-9:30pm, watch good battle evil in “KKK vs. EZLN,” when six burly combatants in colorful masks determine the future of mankind – or just put on a damn good show. Other events are planned for the duration of the exhibition. Call or visit the Center website for the complete schedule of programs. (Jackie Andrews)
2868 Mission, SF | (415) 821-1155 | missionculturalcenter.org


Even if you’ve never been inside Mixcoatl, chances are you have noticed the corner storefront wrapped in colorful luchador masks. How could you miss it? But step inside this museum-like tiendita and you will find a kaleidoscopic array of arts and crafts that reflect the creativity and customs of the Huichol people of western Mexico, including yarn paintings, beadwork, and embroidery in vibrant patterns and symbols -- not to mention the many cases of silver, turquoise and other gemstones, feather jewelry, scarves, candles, and more. (Jackie Andrews)

3201 24th St., SF | (415) 341-4191