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You don't have to look far to find creative parodies of the famous Carly Fiorina demon sheep ad. But now the Democratic Party -- finally stepping up -- has released it's own weirdo ad, called Demon Sheep II. It attacks both Fiorina and Tom Campbell, and has a toss-off at the end about Chuck DeVore, but it's clearly aimed first and foremost at Carly -- which suggests, no surprise, that the Dems (that is, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee) is getting out of the box, now, with attacks on Barbara Boxer's likely November foe. Carla Marinucci calls the ad "hysterical," and while I wasn't laughing that hard, you have to admit: The goofiness level of big-time California campaign ads is on the rise.

The ad hints at what Boxer's camp is going to focus on this fall -- and it's similar to what Jerry Brown needs to do to defeat Meg Whitman. The ad is all about Carly Fiorini, rich business excutive who owns two yachts, flew around in corporate jets and moved 28,000 jobs offshore -- then got fired. That works pretty well for Boxer, who can contrast her progressive stands on economic issues to the GOP's pro-rich agenda. Now Brown needs to start taking a more populist stand (on Prop. 13 reform, for example) if he wants to make his attacks on Whitman stick.

Check out Demon Sheep II:



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