NOISE: Harder, louder, rocker


So I guess this is the big hard rock week that y'all have been waiting for, huh? Portland, Ore.'s Danava - '70s crunch meets '80s keys and schizo shenanny-gans ensue - happens Friday, July 14, along with Parchman Farm and Snow Foxxes at Bottom of the Hill. Tonight, July 12: Austin, Texas's Sword slashes its way through the underbrush, wielding its debut, Age of Winters (Kemado), like a silver chalice. Saviours and Akimbo round out the bill nicely at Slim's. Danava and the Sword - both on Kemado Records; so what dya think of them apples?

The Sword, good Lord...

Akimbo descends on the city.

Oh yes, and incidentally, Flying Luttenbachers and Zs ain't hard rock in the conventional sense - but damn, they do. That they do.

Flying Luttenbachers mock those silly photos you took back in elementary school.

Both bands tore it up at 21 Grand last night, July 11 (7-11 Day, free slurpies at 7-11 - you missed out). Zs sat before sheet music and descended into a frenzy of jazzed-based drone, thrash, and chicken-fried repetition. Nice. And then Weasel Walter's between-song commentary was worth the admission alone - Mick Barr might not have been in the haus but the entire band raged nonetheless. Go see 'em both tonight, July 12, with the Sword and Sandal (a new John Dwyer project) at Hemlock Tavern.