Ricardo and Girl Talk


From the desk of: Johnny Huston

It's Monday, it's hot as hell, I'm wearing devil red from head to toe and I'm counting the hours until Os Mutantes save us all!

Other music I'm loving at the moment? Let's start with the Ricardo Villalobos career-span comp Salvador, especially the hypnotist's power of the lead-off track, his 2006 remix of "Que Belle Epoque." So the Germany-based (by way of Chile) Villalobos likes Baby Ford? He can oochy koochy and beach bump onto my stereo anytime.


Then there's Girl Talk and his three recordings, especially the new Night Ripper. Mash-ups? Please. More like plunderphonics with DJ Assault's attention span and sense of dirty humor. The wishes of the Justified Ancients have been granted. Gimme more. And what if god was a project bitch, anyway?