NOISE: Manu Chao at the Greek


Guardian art director Mirissa Neff checked out Manu Chao and Kinky at the Greek Theater on Friday, July 28... here's what she saw and heard:

All images by Mirissa Neff

After only playing LA and NYC when he's made it to the states, Manu Chao finally played a Bay Area show last night. He didn't disappoint...

A few of us did a Q+A with Manu before Kinky went on. One of the highlights was when the Chronicle's Delfin Vigil asked Manu about the World Cup and whether he sided with France or Spain. Manu replied, "I am not a nationalist. I have a passport for both countries but I don't understand this mentality of seeing that someone is from a different place than you and wanting them to die."

I asked Manu if he had plans to release Siberie M’etait Contee [a French only release] here and he said, "No... maybe someday. But I have a new album that just needs to be mixed. Then it will be ready for release." Hmmmm...

Kinky opened the night with their unique Norteno-flavored electronic funk. Ulises Lozano and Gil Cerezo got the crowd going:


People just lost their shit when Manu Chao's Radio Bemba Sound System hit the stage. Here's sexy guitarist Madjid Fahem:


Meanwhile bassist Gambeat held down stage right with lots and lots of reverb:


After about five encores the crowd was still screaming for more...