NOISE: News flash - the Best of the Bay party was a stone-cold corker


All photos by Kimberly Chun

Oh, yeah, we were suffering in the days following the Guardian's Best of the Bay blow-out at Club Six on Aug. 2. But oh was it worth it... The soju madras rocked hard, and the Ethiopian chow was the bomb. Much raucous insanity and quality music-making came courtesy of Zion I, Erase Errata, Numbers, T-Kash, and, above, Yikes.

Excellent noisy garage-rocking fun from vets of the Coachwhips, Curse of the Birthmark, and Big Techno Werewolf. Someone had the bright idea to throw every flier in the joint at the band - where are those huge sacks of confetti when you need 'em?


The band to beat was Extra Action Marching Band, who brought the fleshy, sweaty, savory goods in two sets.


Brassy, sassy, totally loud. In a good way.


A Sister of Perpetual Indulgence gets some non-sisterly extra action.


Flag team, not flaggin'.