PRICE CHECK: $40? Oh the Humanity!


Is it really $40 to go see the Human League at Red Devil Lounge? Retro hipsters start saving up now! Here's new intern Chris Cooney's brief, decidedly non-retro hipster take on the event.

I invented a new stupid-pet trick: ask 10 of your friends to tell you something about the Human League, and nine of them will start singing, “Don’t you want me Baby? Don’t you want me ohhhhh!” It’s adorable.

Then there’s always the odd bonehead out who will simply ask: “What’s the Human League?” That would be me, at least that’s what I said when I heard that the band was coming to town to play three shows at the Red Devil Lounge.

Never a huge fan of synthesizer music or what music geeks call "synth-pop," (Oh, those wacky youngsters today! --Ed.) Human League fell out of a pretty big hole in my 80’s memory ozone. Easier to recognize than their important role in pioneering Electronica and Dance track re-mixing are the League’s three major hit songs: “Don’t You Want Me Baby” (1981), “(Keep Feeling) Fascination” (1983), and the oh-so intoxicating “Human” (1986). Even with just partial recall, hearing these mega-hits (live!) has got to stir up some awesome memories for those of us blessed by growing up in the Reagan Era. If the Red Devil Lounge isn’t planning to serve any Bartles & Jaymes Berry Coolers next week, they should.

The Human League will play at the Red Devil Lounge (1695 Polk Street) on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (September 18th, 19th and 20th) Tickets are $35 in advance, $40 at the door. More info at

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