NOISE: Kingdom come


Oh, the places we'll go, the shows we'll see, the drinks that will send us under tables at all the finest dive bars in the Bay Area.

Tonight, there's much happening on the Quannum front -- with label artists Honeycut, Tommy Guerrero, and Curumin holding it down at Mezzanine -- and at the Lab as Asian American arts fest APAture continues (with Sheela Bringi, Echo of Bullets, Power Struggle, and others) and at popscene as the Dears smash all comers. Additionally you gots indie rock: Viva Voce, the Silversun Pickups, and the Kingdom at Rickshaw Stop. Several of us round the Guardian have been enjoying the adenoidal whinny of Kingdom vocalist Charles Westmoreland, last heard on the band's debut, K1 (Arena Rock). An acquired taste? A pretentious name? Sprightly pop swathed in violins, synth, and guitars from NYC? Why not?

The Kingdom is the name; don't wear it out. Photo by Chuck Westmoreland