Weekend clupdate: Sorry Mona!


I'm a bad clubkid -- I was supposed to pump my girl Monastat's Tuesday Trannyshack island birthday extravaganza, but with all the horridly yummy Mark Foley scandal unfolding, I plum forgot. Sorry Mona -- don't scratch my eyes out! Luckily, I heard it was packed and peeps loved it. Mona rules (she's everywhere these days) -- and you better watch out for her ...


Happy birthday lady!!!

And there's lots coming up this weekend you all should be aware of ...

I'm in Honolulu at the biggest gay wedding of the year!!! But that doesn't mean you should stay at home!


My baby boy Paris (I lived with him many many years ago when we was homeless in Detroit) and his enormously successful grand pubahs ("Sandwiches," anyone?) are in town at Mighty this Friday and it'll be the joint.

Also this friday, homeking Lu Read aka Fudgie the amazing Drag King kicks out the jams at Hybrid at the Cat Club ---


(That's Lu in the middle). This is a new monthly alternagenderqueer event -- lots o' great tunes, I'm promised, by DJ Earworm (Bootie, Faggot), D.I.E., and Harmony Gritz. Great to see Earworm get a new giggity gig. And the ladies of Lusty Lady will be slippin' and sliding' upstairs in the Chez Badunkadunk lounge.

And don't forget the inimitable rock n roll queer late night http://www.myspace.com/thesissyclub ">Sissy Club on Friday at Deco, this week featuring DJ Ray McRory from Brigitte Bardot and the wild hijinks of musical genii Jank Trolly.


On Saturday

Check out the wondrous Tres Chic at Harvey's put on by towering drag luminary Putanesca as a fundraiser to send her and her glamgen gurls to Paris. This is the final installment, and the last one was a helluva hoot. Trash dragstravaganza galore.


Then putter on ova to the Stud for Playboy -- the new fancy queerish latenight monthly by Ryan Robles and Juanita More (I keep wanting to spell her name Juantita for some reason, heh.)


I had so much fun there last time, grooving to the minimal electro of Jason Kendig (another youngster I've known forever from the Detroit days) that I even paid to get in. Someone else paid for drinks ...

And then of course, there's the whole Burning Man Decompression thing going on on Sunday. OH! and if you're into it -- check out my girl Forest Green's (luv huh) predecompression party: Last Temptation of Want It on Saturday -- tru underground!

Forgive me, Mona. ;)m.

ps -- anybody who I may have left out don't kill me. I'm trying to find 2oz sizes of saline for the plane ride.

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