The biggest star in the world!


Check out Ron Dorfman and Peter Nevard's 1970 documentary Groupies, a fave amongst employees at at least one adventurous record shop that ain't afraid of soul.


It's got snide smalltalk about almost famous boys who've been around by unknown girls who've been around. It's got a young Cynthia Plaster Caster and some of her work. It's got Goldie Glitters from the Cockettes. One junk-addled male groupie who looks 17 going on 57 tries and fails to put the make on sweet Terry Reid -- and who can blame him after Reid performs a rock version of "Bang, Bang," a tune favored by French drag queens for decades?


In this movie, the real showtime is backstage, and the show belongs to the likes of Andrea Whips (aka Andrea Feldman), performing a version of the extremely loud striptease she put on once, twice, and dozens of times at Max's Kansas City. Her performance here isn't as trailblazing as her pre-Dave Chappelle "bitch!" routine in Imitation of Christ or as versatile as her thousand degrees of hilarity and pathos in Heat, but it's still got one-of-a-kind appeal.


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