NOISE: Magic Christian, fer chrissakes


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From: Paul Kopf
Sent: Tuesday, October 10, 2006 11:47:44 PM
Subject: Magic Christian Show This Thursday, October 12 @ Red Devil Lounge

Hey there MC people...

Thanks to all who came out to last week's Little Steven Underground show @ The 12 Galaxies..It was such a total blast!!Great to play in SF to a packed crowd..I know Cyril appreciates it. Happily, we get another opportunity to play another cool SF show this coming Thursday, October 12 @ The Red Devil Lounge ( with Powell St. John and The Aliens and Joel Gion of the great Brian Jonestown Massacre's new band ,The Dillantantes. So, should be a cool show.So, if you can, we'd love to see you there.Magic Christian are playing in the middle spot so we should go on around 10:00pm or so. Again sorry for the short notice about the shows but we've been real busy these days working night and day to get the new CD done, which will be ready to go with the coming year.!! See you Thursday....



Who: Magic Christian with Powell St. John and The Dillantantes
When : This Thursday, October 12, 2006
Where : Red Devil Lounge
1695 Polk St.
Time : 9:00pm

Cost: $ 8