CLUBS: Hot gay Chilidog


New fabulous intern Chris Cooney hit up DJ Bearded Lady's new Tuesday night shindig, Chilidog (named after the Guardian's second favorite sex act) at the Transfer in the Castro, and came back covered in buns. Check it out. All pics of cute gay boys by my favorite local artist "the legendary Darwin Bell" a.k.a "grandma with a camera" a.k.a "the Polaroid hemorrhoid" (just kidding, lover!) -- Marke B.

Who could have predicted that by fall ‘06, the Transfer Bar would own the freshest lineup of dj nights in the Castro?

Bearded Lady puts on the dog

Most nightspot makeovers in the neighborhood end up a little like bad collagen shots, all shiny and soulless and musically cloned. There are plenty of new choices if you’re looking for a place to throw down cosmo’s and lipsync to the Black Eyed Peas on a video loop, because everyone loves a good pop remix, especially when the lyrics are easy to remember for drunk people. But too many bars packed with tv screens and boys singing about lovely lady lumps can be discouraging.

They put the meat ... on the cheese!

Before the Transfer was born again, anyone open to hearing something ‘alternative’ or edgy or just plain different had to leave the neighborhood to find it. Now there’s some bad beer and badass music right down the block. Even being across the tracks from Safeway couldn’t make the Transfer any spicier.

Show me your chilidog?

Chilidog is the freshest weekly night party in the Transfer’s arsenal. The ship captain is DJ Bearded Lady (sometimes Stanley Frank) who throws down something you’ve never heard before every time he (wo)mans the booth. That’s his prime directive as a musical thinker, to put a pile of old vinyl in with new finds and mash it up for the crowd in a truly organic and totally raunchy set. I can’t explain it better than the music, so the first stop on the road to Chilidog is Bearded Lady’s Myspace page where a sample list underscores the mix of genres and styles he pulls from. The next stop is Transfer on Tuesday night, every Tuesday night. The Lady commits the whole of her musical genius to make sure that all of us feel pleasantly dirtier than before and yet more enlightened all at once.

Bearded Lady say: SCRAM!

There are other less important but still enticing reasons to hang out at Chilidog: for those who like to drink alcohol at ridiculously low prices, well drinks are a shocking $2 til close. For those who like bad beer in cans: Pabst Blue Ribbon. And what more can be said about the Transfer crowd? Always sexy -- you see the pics. Boys with beards and their funky girlfriends, a couple barflies and a few drops of everything edgy.

Fries with that?

The only hot thing you won’t find at Chilidog is a fucking chilidog. See you Tuesday.

Tuesdays 10pm -2am
Transfer Bar
198 Church Street
San Francisco, CA 94114
(415) 861-7499

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