NOISE: By gum, it's Boris and the Village Green and...


Oh, Hump Day - what would we do without you, positioned perfectly between weekend bliss and workday toil? And who would expect so many intriguing shows to crop up in this humdrum time slot (to think we all wrote it off as Project Runway's)?

In short, check magnifico, metal-some Japanese guitar overlords Boris at Slim's tonight, Oct. 18. Why? A humongoid gong, smoke machine, Tokyo-based loudness par excellence, and the most kick-ass lady distortion peddler around: Wata.


Elsewhere, if you're not getting down with SF's premier glitch mavens and noise-makers Matmos at Great American Music Hall, trot over to Bottom of the Hill tonight for London's Archie Bronson Outfit - out and about with a new disc, Derdang Derdang on Domino. Some compare 'em to Pere Ubu, Son House, Monks, and Faust -- all at the same time! Whoa, Nellie, watch them outta-hand allusions. Still, isn't your curiosity stirred - and shaken?


And if there's anything left of you by Friday, Oct. 20, and you're not already planning to check out Yo La Tengo at Fillmore or have tickets to Beirut at Great American Music Hall in your hot lil' ham fists, you might want to mosey down to the Rickshaw Stop for an early show with the Village Green from Portland, Ore. As you'd expect, these doods display much respect to Anglo rock forebears - and they add a dash of contempo jitteriness. Different drugs, you say? Get outta here.