NOISE: Lady Sov sobs, Budget Rock roars


Y'know we all think Lady Sovereign seems like a tough little cookie but geez, she was all tears at the Mezzanine Tuesday night, Nov. 14. Griping that she couldn't hear herself in the monitors (her bus was also an hour late due to a breakdown), she sat down a song or two in and held her hands and apologized for being "diva-ish." Poor kid. And too bad for the tough dance girls all around me who seemed superpsyched to get some Sovereign ack-shun.

Lady Sovereign is killing us softly with her lack of song.
All photos by Kimberly Chun

But before that show, this past weekend, Nov. 10-12, was all about the beauty of Budget Rock at Stork Club -- and damn if that wasn't the bestest BR yet with incredible performances by Guilty Hearts, the Shrugs, Original Sins (Brother JT sang barefoot -- and was that the raddest, weirdest cover of "I Want Candy" ever?), SLA, and the Omens (pictured below). It was as if each band was taking the previous combo's crazed performance to heart and was determined to go that much further into total garage-rockin' madness. If every night could only be Budget Rock night...


The Omens rip it up at Budget Rock Nov. 10.